Fun Facts About Monaco

Monaco is actually a constitutional monarchy. The motto is, “Deo Juvante,” meaning “With God’s Help”. The currency is the euro. It has been that way since 1962. It is also a principality. There is only one country that borders Monaco, that is France. The main ethnic group that resides in Portugal are actually French! There are over 32,000 people living in Monaco. Monaco is world famous for tourism and recreation. Monaco is the most popular name in the U.S. More than a quarter of the population is over 65. People choose it either as a first name of middle name.There are no airports in Monaco! Monaco is the second smallest state in the world! Monaco is divided into 10 wards. A person could walk across the width of the country in 56 minutes! Monaco has no income tax! However, they do have the most expensive real estate in the world! There are no internal disputes in Monaco. Of course not! They have the largest police force in the world!

Monaco takes it sports seriously. The Prince is one of the best Olympic leaders in the world. The most popular sports are soccer, tennis, judo, fencing, boxing, basketball, athletics and aquatics.Monaco must love their music. Their national orchestra is larger then their army! Monaco is small. In fact, New Yorks Central Park is twice the size of the entire country! The official language in Monaco is French but the people also speak other languages like English, Italian, Monegasque, Occitan and local languages. The people benefit from no income tax. All currency has to be declared in Monaco but you are allowed 400 cigarettes, 1 liter of liquor and some perfume! If you are sightseeing Monaco the best way to get around is by foot. Monaco follows a certain etiquette and expects casual wear during the day and formal dress at night.

There are millions visitors to Monaco each year for the casinos, hotels, harbors and operas!

You should greet people with a kiss on both cheeks. The food and drink in Monaco is very similar to France. They have barbagiuan, socca and stocafi. If you are thinking of visiting Monaco they have carnivals during February and March with dances, food and drinks. The customs, processions and traditions are very unique. You have to visit the most beautiful palace in the world with it’s exquisite furniture and unique construction, The Princes Palace. One unique feature of the palace is the Mirror Gallery that makes the room seem longer and larger!