Fun Facts About Mexico

One of the biggest countries in the continent, known for it’s nice little fellows wearing panchos, Mexico has many interesting things about it. Some may seem negative, others positive but all of it is interesting. A great man once said something about Mexico, something along the lines of ”
I was taken in by the bravado and the sounds of Mexico… not so much the music, but the spirit.” People there are very nice, that is what Herb meant.

  • Mexico has more Spanish talking people than in Spain, isn’t it kind of weird? It is largely attributed to the high birth rate in Mexico.
  • Mexico was a land ruled by several different Native tribes, these Aztecs and Maya were the most known ones.
  • Mexico is surrounded by mountainous terrain up in the north and the south, mostly near the borders.
  • Some say that because people smoke so much in Mexico that the air is extremely polluted, whether that is true or not the air remains extremely dirty.
  • People believe Mexico is extremely dense which it’s not, it is the fifth biggest country in The Americas, only the City of Mexico is extremely dense and populated at the same time.
  • The country is mostly humid and very hot, it’s average temperature is 24 Celsius.
  • Mexico was under Spanish control for 300 years before taking their independence.
  • Mexico has more than 700 species of reptiles.
  • Mexico has one of the best bio-diversities in the world, with various different speciesĀ  around it’s land.
  • Mexico is the only Latin American country to host the Olympic games.
  • Mexico is know to be a very sport involved countries it has hosted the Soccer World Cup twice, the national sport is bullfighting a lot like Spain.
  • Most of Mexican food have become something common in the west due to the large amount of the population in the US.
  • Mexico is nearly three times the size of Texas.