Fun Facts about Mexico

Mexico for a long has been an interesting nation, many view it’s coastal islands as vacation paradises and its long history has left many wondrous structures all around it’s lands. There are many who consider that to not be the real Mexico, a country which has seen blood a lot in recent years because of the drug problems. Despite its continuous strain on the nation it still has some wonderful things about it. In this article we will see both good and bad.

  • One of the most obvious mistake people make about Mexico is that they think it’s in Latin America or Central America but technically speaking it’s not even though it may look that way. Central America is still used in speech but the term has officially been abandoned. Everything north of Venezuela and Colombia is considered part of “North America”.
  • If you asked anyone what’s the country situated south of the USA they would say Mexico, well they are right but the official name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos which in English would translate to The United Mexican States. Fortunately or…unfortunately? As of a recent congress meeting, the President wants to change the name to Mexico.
  • Mexico is second only to Brazil in the amount of Catholic members and also this ranking is true for drug offences.
  • Mexico is so virulent in its practice of Religion that in the months of pilgrimage and holy weeks, some people have traditions of re-enacting the crucifixion of Christ but of course without killing themselves and coming back to life.
  • Mexicans also use the term “jajaja” to laugh, although phonetically it sounds the same as the laughter of anyone else. This isn’t particular to Mexico but in other countries such as Finland and many others.
  • Mexico City, the capital is built on the old city of Tenochtitlán, not only of the greatest Aztec cities of all time but also the greatest city in the American continent pre European arrival. Unfortunately the city was built on top of a lake and since has been forever sinking because of the minerals in the soil not being strong enough to sustain the city.
  • The ground isn’t the only place dying in Mexico City, the air and atmosphere is too.  Thanks to it being one of the largest populated cities in the world and also some unethical environment management, breathing air in Mexico City is as good as smoking a cigarette. Although the government are bringing some good ideas to change the current climate, there is still lots of work to do.
  • There always needs to be one fact that compares a certain area to the size of Texas, so here it is. Mexico is 7 times the size of Texas.

Those were a few interesting facts about Mexico, not all good and not all negative.