Fun Facts About Manchester United

Great club with greater fans that is what is often said about United.

The club from the city of Manchester is one of the most popular in the world and successful.

Owned by the Glazers, the club has huge debts, but it also has huger fan base.

The stadium is called Old Trafford, the road in front of it is named Sir Matt Busby way after their legendary manager Matt Busby. Here are a few facts about it.

-The club was first named Newton Heath L&YR F.C. but later when the club was in debt but was saved by J.H Davies who later became chairman from director.  They wanted to a fresh start so they changed the name, among the suggested names were Manchester Celtics, Manchester Central but Louis Rocca mentioned, Manchester United.

-Unlike many of other legendary clubs, Real, Manchester United have spend seasons in the second division but upon coming in the first division they made a big impact. They were in 8th place in their first season, this was in 1908.

-Charlie Roberts was a record signing back then for 750 pounds. He was purchased to help them reach the first division.

-As of now the club has around 330 million supporters and is worth $1.5 billion.

-Modern coaching looks like it’s current state because of Matt Busby. He made changes to management like being able to choose the squad, sign players he wanted, control the team’s training sessions which before was reserved to the directors of the club.

-Busby used a lot of the United’s young talent these players were called the Busby Babes.

-Busby was also in charge to built the team after the Munich Disaster in which most of the team passed, it still is remembered to this day.

-When in 1972 the “Doc” became the manager, Tommy Docherty, he was left with a team battling demotion. He had a side that didn’t have much confidence, they had lost “the golden trio”, which consisted of Law, Best and Charlton. Law who had been signed by city rivals, Manchester City. He scored the goal that demoted United to the second division. He was popular with the fans that manager but was still fired. He was popular for defeating Liverpool in the FA Cup final 2-1 and gaining promotion but then subsequently demotion.

-Sexton who took charge after the doc was unpopular with the fans for not being able to play beautiful football. He was too defensive minded. He failed to win the FA cup final vs Arsenal, which could have saved him from being cut. The team conceded a bundle of goals in the last minutes and lost. They also finished second place in their division.

-Atkinson replaced Sexton, who broke the British transfer record by signing Bryan Robson for 1.5 million pounds.

-In 1986, a young Scot named Alex Ferguson arrived. He did what Busby did so well, use the homegrown talent and make them into superstars.

-In 1986, Brian McClair was the first player to score over 20 goals for United since Best.

-Soon United were one of the biggest clubs in the country, with players like Paul Ince, Ryan Giggs, Garry Neville, David Beckham, Roy Keane, Scholes and Eric Cantona

-In 1994, Sir Matt Busby passed away, many United fans mourned his passing.

-The 90s were considered the turning point in United’s bad run, they defeated Barcelona in Europe.

-In the 99/98 season they won the treble, the first time an English team had done such. In 2001 and 2002 he won the league again twice. He was knighted for his service and was then called Sir Alex Ferguson.

-In 04/05 they were left with a complete new team they had signed the likes of Ronaldo, Rooney, Ferdinand to compensate for the loses of Beckham, Keane and many more.

-Since 06/07 they till 08/09 they won the league each season. They also won the champions league once since their last win in that treble season.

-The club has three historical rivals and a new one recently.


Liverpool has always been a rival since the first season of United’s creation. They often fought for the title of The Greatest English club, United having 33.. titles and Liverpool having 40.. This had been said to be the most important rivalry for both fans. They both currently have 19 league titles, this season, 09/10 will be the tie breaker if either win.

Leeds United, they had some great seasons facing each other of, back when hooliganism was ever present in the English game, these clashes would involve a lot of fan violence. The most heated season was 92 when Leeds had a formidable team that won the league, with United trailing behind in second place. Recently a clash in the FA cup ensued with Leeds(2nd Division) defeating Manchester 1-0, thus knocking them out of the cup.

Manchester City, City fans claim to  never been relegated compared to United, who suffered lots of setbacks. But United fans claim City haven’t won anything major forever. The Manchester Derby as it’s called, even though City fans say United isn’t even a team of Manchester. Their rivalry with United is the oldest it started when United was called Newton Heath L&YR F.C.. Before the recent cash injection in City, many considered the rivalry dull but the cash has helped City to catch some ground with United.

Many more facts exist about the red devils but these are a few good ones. The club owned by the Glazers has many chapters to write in history!