Fun Facts about LG

The company was established in 1947 with a chemical company in Korea! LG is a global leader for technology, electronics, communications and appliances. LG is actually 5 business units-Home Entertainment Mobile Communications, Home Appliances, Air Conditioning and Business Solutions. Global sales in 2008 were 44.7 million! The LG expanded into home appliances in 1958 under the name of Gold Star Electronics Company. In 1995 the company was renamed LG which is Lucky Gold. In the market place LG stands for “Life’s LG is best known for Televisions, washing machines, microwaves and phones. LG phones come with features like flip, sliding and swivel. LG also deals in 3G technology as part of their phone packages. The phones have high resolution cameras, music players, document viewers, memory, GPS features and internet access. Good.” The thing about LG phones is that they are at low prices and have good quality for customers.

The newest release for LG is the Rumour. It is a full keyboard handheld available to Canadians. It is designed for people on the go. Did you know that 8% of Americans are wireless only! LG has a watch- phone that is 14mm thick with a screen measuring 36mm diagonally. The surface is tempered glass and the casing is metal. The strap is available in leather and carbon fiber. The LG touch screen phones reached 7 million units at the end of the second quarter this year. The LG Viewty reached 2 million units and is popular thanks to the 5.0 megapixel sharp camera and easy touch screen interface. The most beautiful phones ever launched in the history of the mobile industry is the LG shine. Each one of these phones is high tech and loaded with the latest technology.

LG was the first company to release a touch screen phone. It is called the LG Renoir. It was named after the famous French artist because it has a powerful camera. The camera can support 262,000 colors and there are three buttons on the front for ease of use. You can record up to 120 frames per second allowing you to replay videos in slow motion if you choose. LG has a phone that they copied after a banana! It is fashioned after the curves of a banana and fits your face better and more comfortably. There is no doubt that LG phones are new and packed with features and are constantly striving to come out with newer and better phones.