Fun Facts about Leopards

The perfect predators that are the big cats have one among that is possibly the most perfect. The leopard. Despite being the smallest of the big cats, the Leopard has tons of abilities and talents it’s cousins do not possess. They are one of the most fascinating hunters in Africa and here are a few facts about them.

  • Like said earlier, the leopard is the smallest of the big felines known as the Panthera genus. The biggest species of Leopards, the Sri Lankan leopards weigh up to 200lbs but the African Species of Swahili only go up to 140lbs.
  • The leopards look is very distinct; it has a larger head than the tiger and shorter legs than the other felines. It has the well known spots pattern on its fur. Some leopards have different genetic evolution which has lead them with the complete black pigmentation. They are often called the Black Panther instead of a leopard.
  • The leopard makes full use of its terrain when hunting; it can swim better and longer than any other land predatory and thanks to its relatively lighter weight it’s climbing is also much better than any predator. But their most well known talent is their ability to stealth upon unwary prey. Thanks to the camouflage of its skin and very low crouch, it will sneak up on a prey until it can touch it before pouncing upon it.
  • Unlike other the big cats it will not spend much time on open fields but rather hiding in caves and up in trees. This goes well with their solitary life style, since they don’t live in groups, staying in a tree alone away from danger is better than resting upon an open field and there is also the problem of excessive heat in open fields.
  • Leopards will even interact with gazelles when not hunting them, they will pull their tail up meaning they are not hunting and will simply walk into a gazelle herd.
  • Leopard’s have amazingly strong jaws, which is why they only need one bite to take down a prey but also how they managed to hold prey while they climb up a tree. This is a really good habit from preventing scavenging and other predators stealing their kill.
  • Leopards have many talents but their adaptability to their environment, leopards can live in rain forests, deserts, forests, rocky areas and frozen planes.

Those are a few facts about the magnificent creature that is the leopard, hope you learned something’s about them.