Fun Facts about La Senza

The company opened in 1990 and now has over 300 stores across Canada. The word “senza” comes from the Italian for without term in musical notation. There are also 487 stores in other countries under the brand. It is owned by Limited Brands of Columbus, Ohio. The company is based in Montreal, Canada. They carry fun fashion lingerie at affordable prices and let women wear something sexy and provocative. La Senza says that 53% of women don’t wear the proper fitting bra. Along with that a whopping 70% wear the wrong size of bra! However, getting the right fitting bra is essential for proper posture and appearance. It was founded in 1966 as Suzie Sheer and it targets women age 18 to 35. However, it is also catering to the tweens.

The concept is similar to that of Victoria Secret which is also owned by the same company. In the United Kingdom and Ireland the stores are separately owned since 2006 by Lion Capital. The store also has other labels like La Senza Girl, La Senza Express and La Senza Spirit. The company recently launched the line Lola and Coco that is aimed at high school and university students. In 2008, Robin Antin creator of the Pussy Cat Dolls was asked to design a line of lingerie for La Senza. She said the collection is flirtatious, fashionable and fun! La Senza has had controversy. Parents and critics claim their La Senza girl line is too sexual for young children. They were also faced with a law suit by Victoria Secret.

In 2003, Eva Herzegovina sued them for breach of contract when they didn’t pay for a catalogue shoot because they did not like her appearance. The company owed her 36,000. In 2006, La Senza had profits of $4.1 million or 30 cents a share which was up from the last year. Sales actually increased to $96.7 million over the period. The company had a write down of $1 million to compensate for their Silk and Satin Stores. The fact is that La Senza is all about cleavage for women. They have colourful bras and panties and even a double gel bra for extreme cleavage. In the collection you can even find neon colors like yellow, pink, blue, purple, coral, lilac and aqua. If you like muted shades you can choose from gold’s and iris. The newest model to be part of the La Senza team is Petra Nemcova. La Senza also believes in giving money to different charities. They are also the top store for lingerie.