Fun Facts About Iceland

Iceland is small and has only 290,000 inhabitants. It is a beautiful island with an enchanting natural element. Most of the population lives in the capital of Reykjavik. Reykjavik means “Smoke-Bay” That Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are named after the Norse Gods- Tyr, Odin, Thor and Frey. Icelanders believe in elves and dwarves. If you wanted a drink of beer in Iceland you were out of luck. Beer was banned until 1989. As far as education a big slice of the population doesn’t graduate University until 25 to 30 years old. Most people don’t graduate high school until age 20. Iceland actually has more sheep than people! Other then beer the sport of boxing was allowed until 2002. It seems like Iceland likes to ban a lot of things.

If you like to sleep then don;t move to Iceland. They have almost 24 hrs of sunlight during the summer. However, in December they hardly see the sun. You could become depressed! As far as the holidays Iceland has 13 Santa Clauses! There are myths about the Santa Clause’s parents. Icelanders actually learn Danish and English from the early age of 11. Musically, there is a band in Iceland that is actually ranked 10th in the world. Icelanders love drinking coke so much that they have made it into the Guiness Book of Records. They consume more Coca Cola then any other nation! Icelanders also love movies and go more often per capita than any other nation.

Apparently, Iceland also boasts the Worlds Best International Airlines. They placed eight with 73.62% of the vote. They got high marks for cabin comfort, food, in flight service, customer service and value. Iceland was the first country to have a female president. Surnames are even different in Iceland. They consist of the fathers first name and then the son or daughters names. If you love clean sparkling water then Iceland is the place to live. They have the cleanest water in the world! They heat their houses with thermal water as well as the outdoor swimming pools. If you like Angelina Jolie and the movie “Lara Croft” you should know that some of the scenes were filmed on an Icelandic glacier! There were also a few James Bond movies filmed there. If you love going out on the weekends you can party till the morning hours. Most clubs in Iceland open after midnight and don’t close until 8-9 a.m. As far as what is taught in schools, Iceland teaches scripts that are more then a thousand years old!