Fun Facts about Hyenas

Many people have a negative view of the Hyena, it certainly doesn’t have a friendly face and its scavenging lifestyles don’t make it popular either. But people tend to forgot how these guys manage to not only survive but strive among other predators such as the tigers, lions and other big cats. Here are a few interesting facts about them.

  • The most well known Hyena is the spotted species; these tend to have little fur and circular spots all over their body.
  • Hyenas were domesticated in the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs for food; also in fact Muslim countries they believe Hyenas to be halal, which basically means they can eat it. Also in the ancient times of the Roman and Greek, they were consumed because they were believed to ward off evil.
  • Unfortunately the other way is also true, Hyenas have eaten men all throughout history, in the age of cave men, they were a bigger creature and could more easily challenge the humans and even forced massive immigration because of their attacks. In the modern era, Hyenas have feasted upon the corpses of men people because of the civil wars in Africa. Scientist say Hyenas who are man eaters develop strange habits and boldness. Although straight out attacks to consume humans are rarer, they have been reported in Africa, especially the targets being children at night.
  • Hyenas are the closest thing to a mix of the feline line and canine line, which means if you could fusion a tiger and a wolf you would get something very similar to the Hyena.
  • If a Hyena finds himself against a stronger predator they will often try to fake death and catch the predator off guard.
  • One of the ancient lines of species of the Hyenas is the bone crushing Hyenas; these were believed to be huge in size and extraordinary strong. So strong that they would fight mammoths and even saber cats.
  • The striped Hyenas are very silent but their cousins the spotted ones are very vocal. Their most famous sound is their mocking laughter.
  • In the spotted hyenas, female dominate over the male and also are much bigger.
  • Hyenas will almost eat anything while scavenging and can go over a week without any water.
  • Because of its scavenging nature (although it also hunts), Hyenas are often considered a cowardly animal, despite not being true. In a pack the Hyena will pretty much take on anything unless it’s a pride of lions or a parade of elephant.
  • Only the Lion out of the big cat is known to hunt for Hyenas but hunting dogs will also give it a ago if they feel advantageous. Also packs of hyenas will take on each other for food.