Fun Facts about Horses

A horse is magnificent creature, which has been used by humans throughout time and even now for entertainment. They are one of nature’s most amazing creatures with godly speed and strength. People don’t know much about them other than usage and speed. Here a few little known facts about them.

  • Most people think a pony is a baby horse but they are a stage after the baby and more mature.
  • The family of the horse is called equus which is the Greek word for quickness.
  • Many mammals will lick water to drink but horses and few others will suck it.
  • Horses can live up to 30 years but most tend to live less than that. There have been a few cases of them living much longer than 30 and even double that.
  • Horse uses their tails to swat flies and also like many other mammals to indicate their emotion.
  • Most horse babies (foals) are born at night. When born they cannot eat grass standing up since their too small to reach the ground. A specific term for a foal which is a girl is a filly and for boy it’s a colt.
  • The unit of measure for a horse’s size is a hand which equals 4 inch each.
  • The strength of a horse has been used to gauge the strength of a machine, hence the term horsepower.
  • A stallion is a male adult horse that has not been castrated; some things unique to them are their size and strength, also a wilder temperament. Stallions are mainly used in competitions thus rendering their breeding and bringing up extremely difficult for a breeder/owner.
  • One of their primarily use was in warfare but competitions have been a long part of the horse life, dating back to ancient Greece.

Those were a few interesting facts about horses.