Fun Facts About Haiti

Haiti has been on the news a lot recently not for the good reasons though, sadness and catastrophe have taken over the island. People all over from the world are helping them right now. Here are some great facts about this little Island.

  • The First natives of Haiti were the Taino Amerindians.
  • It was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus.
  • In about 25 years the Taino natives were all gone, because of diseases brought by the Spanish or just them killing them meaninglessly.
  • The Spanish called this area Hispanyola.
  • The Spanish gave control of the colony in 1697 to The French, hence why they currently often leave to French parts of the world.
  • It soon became one of the wealthiest colonies in the west because it’s sugar cane, wood and other natural resources. This was only achieved through Slavery and environment degradation.
  • In 1804, they were one of the first black colonies to declare independence.
  • They have always been politically unstable, in 2004 they exiled their president Jean Bertrand.
  • Haiti is in the middle of a hurricane belt, from June to October, tornado’s and such are common.
  • In Haiti, whenever there are drought periods, earthquakes are soon to come.
  • The Northern part which the Spanish didn’t give away in 1697 is The Dominicans.
  • Haiti is mostly catholic with 80% of the population practicing that.
  • 9 million is the population but the amount is unstable due to major deaths etc..

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  1. Christopher Columbus DID NOT DISCOVER HAITI
    The people that lived there discovered it
    same thing that happened to the Native Americans they discovered their own land not Columbus

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