Fun Facts about Grizzly Bears

North America doesn’t have many dangerous animals, animals that can straight out terrify you. The first one to come in mind is the Grizzly Bear. These are massive mammals with amazing strength, speed and intelligence. Here are a few interesting facts about them.

  • The grizzly is a solitary animal like most the Northern American mammals, it will do most things on its own but will be with other Grizzly’s when ready for mating.
  • The grizzly bear is named as such because of it’s grizzled fur. Most Grizzly’s will have black to brown fur but it is not uncommon to see some with blonde fur.
  • Grizzly’s originally crossed the frozen sea between Alaska and Russia to get to North America.
  • The grizzly is on the California state flag although it has been extinct there for a long time.
  • In British Columbia, the government kills 40 bears a year because of reported bear attacks.
  • When traveling in areas of large grizzly populations such as Western Canada, if you are hiking or outdoors it is suggested to travel in groups of at least 6 people.
  • Grizzly’s are omnivores, meaning they will eat anything, although bears eating humans are rare, it happens when there is a shortage of food that season.
  • A Grizzly mother is far more dangerous than a male Grizzly which is much larger, the mother will often be alert and aggressive near her cubs.
  • Bear hunting imbalances the bear gender population, the old male grizzly is the most hunted bear because of it’s size. When the old grizzly is killed, another  male grizzly will wake into it’s territory and claim it. This can lead to some negative effects such as the Grizzly being aggressive towards the cubs of the former Grizzly.
  • When attacked by a grizzly it is suggested to stand your ground and not run(a grizzly will easily outrun a fast person). If it comes closer after that, it is recommended to lay on your belly on the ground, sort of playing dead and showing that you are of no threat.
  • As said earlier grizzlies are solitary but sometimes they will gather in a hunting spot, specially salmon spots.

Those are a few cool facts about Grizzlies.