Fun Facts About Greece

You might have never been to Greece or never even remotely heard about it, but you probably have many things in your life right now thanks to the Hellenes(that is how people living in Greece are called). Thanks to it’s great history, the country has been a touristic spot for nearly a century now, it’s on everybody’s lists of places to visit in Europe.

* Even though Greece is one of the nation that is to the very far east of Europe, it is considered a Western European Nation. Also Greece is in the Southern part of Europe.
* 9 411 miles is the total length of Greece’s coastline.
* As of 2007, the population is over 11 million.
* The real name of the country is the Hellenic Republic but the locals call it Ellas, Ellada.
* Since The Euro has been created Greece has had it but prior to that it used the drachma.
* There are a total of 140 islands in Greece but if you count other islands that are very small and don’t have much on them, the count goes up to 4000.
* The Biggest Island in Greece is Crete, with Evvia and Euboia being the lesser known ones.
* The highest point in the country is Mount Olympus which is the home of Gods, such as Zeus. It goes upto 2917m is how high it goes.
* Countries that surround it are some of the Baltic states Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey.
* Most of the inhabitants are Greek Orthodox(98%), 1% is Muslim and 1% for others.
*Ancient Greece inventions are all around us today here are some of the most recognizable : Coin money, maps, Thermometer, tumbler lock, heating and many more.

Ancient Greece created many philosophies and developed many mental aspects of our civilization. We can thank them for that and all the physical inventions they created.