Fun Facts about Giraffes

In zoo’s most people will go to see the most exotic animals they can find, everyone knows about the Giraffe and seem to only be impressed by its height. Which is impressive but there is more to the Giraffe than its height. Here are a few facts about this interesting mammal.

  • Giraffe’s necks are real long but even with the longest neck in the world; they can’t touch the ground when standing up. They have to spread out their legs in a weird angle to be able to drink water or eat something off the ground.
  • The age of the giraffe can be calculated from its spots, the color of the spots indicates their age, the darker the spots the older they are. Also the giraffe’s spots are a bit like human’s fingers or tigers stripes, none have the same markings.
  • Baby giraffes are impressive to say the least, they can stand 10 minutes after they’ve been born and after 10 hours they can start running. For most other mammals this is impossible during that time.
  • The giraffe may seem awkward and slow but they can run up to 30km/h at short bursts.
  • Obviously enough the giraffe is the tallest land mammal.
  • Researchers have never found a Giraffe taking a body bath.
  • Giraffe’s also have communities and rules, one of them being that one Mother giraffe will stay among the young of others to take care of them while the parents are away looking for food and such.
  • Everything about the Giraffe seems to long; this is also the case of their tongues which are 18 inches long.
  • Giraffe’s don’t have tear ducts, so they are not ones to cry.


Those were a few facts about Giraffes.