Fun Facts About Ghana

The big country on the west coast of North Africa is a very interesting country that has many interesting cultures and customs. The area it’s situated is called the bulge. Here are some interesting facts about it.

  • Ghana is a big country but not the biggest in Africa, it is around the size of Great Britain or the same size of Oregon.
  • Most of the country is full of flat lands or dry lands in the center. The country lies 150m above sea level but some areas of the country peak over 800m.
  • The country achieved independence from the UK in 1957.
  • Independence day is the 6th of March
  • It has a tropical weather which stays like that for most of time in the year.
  • The highest temperature goes up to 37Celsius.
  • The motto of the country is “Freedom and Justice”.
  • The population is near 20million and most of the population live near Accra which is the capital. There are some other major urban cities but just a few.
  • More than 70dialects are present in the country, making communication a bit weird and hard.
  • There are three major religion in Ghana, Christians being the majority, Islam is the second most practiced religion and there are few animists.
  • Ghana is one of the African country which had Europeans for a longtime, since the 1400s.

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