Fun Facts About Frogs

Frogs are special little animals; they keep ecosystems alive around the world and are peaceful creatures for the most part. They are sadly going extinct around the world but there still hope for them as they are very adept to changing lifestyles and environments.

  • Amphibians are what the family of frogs are called; the term means a cold blooded vertebrate animal.  Unlike other reptiles they have no scales on their skin and spend most of their time near water. Another technical term for frogs is herpes, which in old Greek means “small things that crawl on their bellies”.
  • One of the most obvious traits of frogs is their big bulging eyes, webbed rear feet and slimy skin.
  • Frogs and toads are different despite some people believing them to be the same; they are of the same species but different families.
  • An easy difference to remark between toads and frogs is, their size, toads tend to be bigger and have less clean skin, with spores and mishaps on their back.
  • Like said earlier frogs are going extinct around the world, mainly thanks to a fungus disease, which causes their skin to burn outwards.
  • Frogs have a really unique way of catching their prey, flies, their tongues have sticky saliva and long reach. With a quick snap of their tongue and the fly is dead. But the fly isn’t the only prey the frog hunts but also small animals such birds and mice.
  • Frogs have a special hearing system in place from avoiding getting hurt from the noise they themselves make.
  • Frogs don’t drink water they absorb it through their skin. They also regularly shed their skin to keep it nice and stretchy for jumps.
  • The lifespans of different families of frogs vary; the oldest they go up to is 40 years old and the shortest lifespan is 4 years old.

Those are a few fun facts about frogs, hope you learned some about them.