Fun Facts about Dominoes Pizza

Pizza is a $35 billion a year industry! Everyone loves pizza! Dominoes opened their doors in Detroit in 1960. It was opened by Thomas Monaghan who borrowed $500 to buy the store. By the seventies there were 200 pizza businesses in the States and Dominoes was ready to go international! Dominoes delivered 400 million pizzas last year. That is actually a pizza and a half for every man, woman and child in the United States. They opened their 5000th store in the U.S. in 2006 in Illinois. Dominoes 3,000th international store opened in Panama. They are the world’s fastest pizza maker and make a large pizza in 46.4 seconds!

The companies’ drivers cover 9 million miles each week in the U.S. alone. The company is the busiest on Super Bowl Sunday. They deliver around 1.3 million pizzas nationwide on that day. That is a third more than a usual Sunday. We have all seen those three dots in the logo, but what do they stand for? They actually represent the first three Domino stores. The plan was to add a dot for every new store, but that plan ran out of space! According to a survey pizza is the fourth most craved food behind cheese, chocolate and ice cream. There are around 3 billion pizzas sold in the U.S. each year. There are around 69,000 pizza stores in the United States alone. Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a day and 350 slices per second!

Each man, woman and child in America eats an average of 46 slices of pizza each year! Pepperoni is Americas favourite topping and they eat 251,770,000 pounds a year! Among the toppings that American are not so keen are are anchovies. In 1830 pizza began with the world’s first pizzeria in Port Alba. They pizzas were cooked in ovens lined with lava from Mount Vesuvius in Naples. Pizza makers have tried every topping including peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs and mashed potatoes! The most popular international toppings according to Dominoes are pickled ginger, minced mutton and tofu. Squid and octopus and Mayou Jaga and green peas in Brazil.

In Russia they like pizza with Mockba which is sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon and onions. In France they like Flambee which is bacon, onions and fresh cream! At first Dominoes only sold one type of crust which was named the regular pizza. Then in 1989 they came out with the Deep Pan Pizza which ensured their growth and they opened their 5,000th store. Then in 1992 they decided to add some bread sticks to the menu. Then in 1994, they came out with chicken wings. They declared global sales of $3 billion!