Fun Facts About Denmark

The kingdom of Denmark is in the north west of the European continent. It is known to be the biggest country of all the Scandinavian countries. A very competitive country in sports and many technological aspects . Here are a few fun facts about it.

  • Denmark still has a monarchy but it doesn’t meddle with the parliaments affairs much like England, Belgium.
  • Denmark was famous for it’s fearsome Vikings, though Vikings did come from Sweden and Norway, most of them were Danes.
  • The Vikings had many great exploits, at a time they controlled lands in the New world and even to the far east of Europe.
  • The Vikings seized many big cities, such as Paris, many English towns due to proximity, they also controlled Norway and Sweden back then.
  • They went as far as New Zealand, where they created a few settlements.
  • Denmark has often been praised for having great peace in it’s country, in 2007 & 2008 it was called the happiest place to live in by forbes.
  • Researches suggest that Denmark is the least corrupted country in the world.
  • For nearly hundreds of years Dane’s haven’t been a threat or in a war with any country.
  • The King Of Norway lost The Faroe Islands to Denmark by a game of poker.
  • Denmark and the countries it controls (Greenland, Faroe Isles) aren’t in the European Union.
  • It is believed that the Danish Krone came to be when the Vikings captured France, The French authorities were afraid to fight back so they gave them money, which became Danish Krone.
  • Both Greenland and Faroe Islands have been a part of Denmark for 0ver 300 years.
  • One of the most famous people in Denmark, Hans Christian Andersen,  was a writer who wrote some of the worlds most famous child stories, which have been translated in over 100 languages, making it one of the most known works in the world ( behind the bible).
  • His stories include “The Steadfast Tin Soldier“, “The Snow Queen“, “The Little Mermaid“, “Thumbelina“, “The Little Match Girl“, “The Ugly Duckling” and a few more.
  • Lars Ulrich is one of the most famous Danes, he is one of the founding members of the metal band Metallica.
  • The largest street market in Europe is in Denmark, it’s called Stroget.
  • In Denmark’s Capital Copenhagen, Europe’s biggest amusement park lies there, Tivoli, it is also the oldest amusement park in the world. Walt Disney visited the place and built Disneyland.
  • Famous Dane products are Carlsberg, Danfoss, Lego and many others.