Fun Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is definitely a country with intrigue. Costa Rica means, “Rich Coast.” Poas, the Costa Rica volcano closet to San Jose first erupted on March 24, 2006. This was after it’s first smaller eruption in 1953. The Arenal Volcano has actually been active and in a constant state of eruption since 1968. There are 751 volcanoes. Most of them are dead and just mountains now. The highest mountain is the Cerro Chirripo which is 3,819m. There are two international airports and a third will be built! The airport in Liberia served 91,000 passengers in 2003. In 2005, Costa Rica had 1.67 million tourists generating 1.6 billion in revenue! One out of every four visitors to Costa Rica take a canopy tour. Costa Rica has it’s own currency and it is called- the colon! Travelers do need to be careful because Costa Rica is a known drug route through the Central America;s. Many tourists somehow get caught up in drug and money schemes. People are warned when they arrive to guard their belongings!

Costa Rica is unique and so is it’s wildlife. There are 52 different species of hummingbirds in Costa Rica making it the hummingbird capital. Common mammals in Costa Rica are monkeys and bats. There are toucans and 332 different species of parrots! If you hate bugs then taking a vacation to this country is out of the question. There are 750,000 species of insects and 20,000 types of spiders! Costa Ricans like to drink and their liquor is Guaro. It is inexpensive and made from sugar cane! Costa Rica holds the record as the most democratic of the Central and South American Countries. They have a democratic republic similar to the United States. There has never been military conflict. As far as beaches in Costa Rica it has beaches on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts and is the original “Banana Republic.” If you are using a washroom in Costa Rica you can’t flush the toilet paper down the toilet because their systems can’t handle it. There are no real washers and driers in Costa Rica! Costa Ricans cut their grass with machetes. Don’t bother looking for an address in Costa Rica, they don’t use them!

It is not unusual to give young infants coffee in this country. McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast food outlets have delivery. If you smoke in Costa Rica you can get a pack for $1.20! So far a very unhealthy country! When women marry in Costa Rica they don’t take their husbands last name. When you die in Costa Rica you are buried the same day! You have to be careful walking because the cars have the right of way! The meat in Costa Rica is not good because the cows are just not fat enough! Wearing shorts in a police or immigration office is considered disrespectful and you will be thrown out!

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