Fun Facts about Coke

Did you know you could clean your toilet with Coke? Just pour it in, let it sit for one hour and flush clean! If you have rust spots on your chrome car bumpers rub the bumper with crumpled Reynolds wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coke. To clean corrosion from a car battery pour a can of Coke over the terminals and it will bubble away corrosion! If you want to loosen a rusted bolt soak a cloth in Coke and apply to the rusted bolt for several minutes. It can also clean haze from your windshield. It you like to bake then take a can of coke and put it in with your holiday ham. It will mix with the drippings and make great gravy!

If you have excessive grease on your clothes just empty a can of Coke into a load an add detergent. The coke will loosen grease stains. Did you realize that in many states the highway patrol will carry two gallons or more of Coke in the truck to remove blood stains off the highways after a car accident! There was a competition in Delhi University of who could drink the most coke? The winner actually drank 8 bottles and died on the spot! He had too much carbon dioxide in the blood and not enough oxygen!

Coke is made from coal. Coal is mined shipped and heated in an over until it becomes coke. Coke actually fuels the process of making molten iron ore in the blast furnace. A glass of coke can dissolve a nail in four days! In the early 1900’s coke was used as medicine. There is a company in New York that makes Coke that is kosher for Passover. They use sugar instead of corn syrup because corn is not considered kosher for Passover. Soda is the most acidic thing you can drink and acid is not good for your mouth, throat of digestive tract. Soda can also deplete the body of calcium. Soda also depletes the body of calcium.

Drinking coke can affect the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria in the body for up to seven hours. It can cause you to gain weight by a ratio of 1.6 times what it would normally be. To get off of Coke simply drink plenty of water. You will feel better than you have in a very long time and have much more energy!