Fun Facts About Cartoons

American animation has entertained millions around the world, from Walt Disney cartoons to Hanna Barbera cartoons. Some of these cartoons have gave us the most iconic entertainment characters of all time. Not only that but they have also stayed ageless, watching Tom & Jerry for a kid now or when it came out is still enjoyable. There are lots of little known facts about TV’s biggest shows, here are a few of them.

Charming Palestine Leader Yasser Arafat was a cartoon buff, he didn’t enjoy many other American things but he found a place in his heart for this lovable animated drawings.\

One of the greatest specials in Television history, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, has a fitting narrator. The man who played the role of Frankenstein, in the hit classic “Frankenstein 1970”, Borris Karloff, he was the voice of the narrator and mostly the only voice in that episode.

Disney has become one of biggest media conglomerates in the world but the man who was behind it all, Walt Disney, died before seeing any of his work come to fruition. Walt died miserably poor and unappreciated at the time.

Dennis The Menace, was a newspaper comic strip before it hit the big screens. The strip was well known and beloved but no one expected it to do well elsewhere. There have been countless tv adaption, comics and even movies. The show and strip are largely the same, following the trouble making young Dennis. The strip however has Dennis’s always dog companion by the name of Ruff and the shows by the name of Gnasher.

When the character of Mickey Mouse was being created, he was drew with only three fingers because drawing five and animating would have been slightly more expensive. During that era Disney was having trouble trying to breakthrough but soon they would with their three fingered mouse.
Bugs Bunny one of the most famous non Disney characters is a rabbit but with the attitude of a bug. Hence why he is always annoying the doc like a pest and named “Bugs”.

Hopefully those were some enlightening facts about cartoons for you.