Fun facts about Capoeira

Martial arts have been in the mainstream for a while now, since the rise of Hong Kong kung fu movies with the likes of Bruce Lee. Everyone has learned about the usefulness of martial arts as a pastime, tool for kids and grownups. One this martial art is Capoeira, which never gained any real recognition but other than by those martial art aficionados who learn about every art. Capoeira originated in Brazil with a great backstory. The origin is somewhat a sad one because it involves slavery. The portuguse colonized Northern Brazil in the 16th century but lacked the man power to expand the settlements; this led to them importing African slaves. The slaves soon started revolting against their Portuguese overlords but this proved difficult because of the lack of weapons available to them and familiar to them. This marked the birth of Capoeira which involved lots of side movement and kicks from odd angles. Just the movement would unsettle the Guards because of its unpredictability. When the slaves first prepared for an attack to stop the oppression, they pretended they were dancing when the guards would appear. This lead to the capoeira’s weird movements. This martial art was definitely was a life changer because it saved many slaves and gave them hope to fight back. Things in Brazil got better with the Portuguese giving them a lot more sovereignty and this also led to Capoeira being banned. Soon Capoeira wasn’t needed at all, with slavery having ended in the modern era and other martial arts appearing (jiu jitsu). Capoeira has since become a national icon for Brazil and a symbol of pride for them.