Fun Facts About Barcelona

Spain has been dominated by great generations of Madrid teams but Barcelona have always been there to make their lives difficult. Here are a few facts about the Club that represents the Catalan heritage in the Spanish league.

Full Name: FC Barcelona

  • Nicknames, often just called Barca, sometimes called Blaugrana, Los Cules.
  • Their stadium is Camp Nou, the capacity is 98,772.
  • They were founded in 1899 by Joan Gamper.
  • Until 1929, they won a few Copa Del Reys but not yet becoming, but from 29 to 39 Spain was under the rule of Francisco Franco, he ordered Barcelona to remove their Catalan emblem. Barca went into an identify crises and financial one too.
  • In 1930, their president was killed by soldiers of Franco.
  • They had won their first title in 29, they won their second one in 45.
  • For Fans the club is representing the entire region of Catalonia, that’s why the Los Cules say “Més que un club”, more than a club.
  • In 57, in they built what their current stadium is, Camp Nou.
  • Under the presidency of Joan Laporta they have won two champions league titles, three league titles, 1 fifa world club champion, 1 cupa del rey(11 years before their last one) and a host of other “super cups”.
  • Most Goals scored by a player for Barca is 356 by Paulino Alcántara, who for a forward retired in a young age of 31.
  • Migueli is the player with the most appearances, 548.
  • Migueli even played a finals game with a broken collar bone.
  • Their rivals are Real Madrid and RCD Espanyol.. The rivalry with Real Madrid is fueled by pure hate. Madrid being part of the old Castille kingdom and Barca of the Catalonia. Barcelona wanted to separate from Spain but were succumbed by Franco’s regime. This rivalry has been on the pitch and off, from Barca’s president getting killed by Franco’s soldiers and that humiliating defeat 11-1 to Madrid. They have done well to take over the Spanish giants in the last year.
  • RCD Espanyol, this rivalry is territorial and also because of the politics. Espanyol are from Catalonia but their generally accepted in Spain for trying to be a part of the country unlike Barcelona. They recently had a win in the season of 08/09 against Barca, where Barca won every trophy they competed in. Espanyol defeated them 3-1 in the league, two goals came by the former Barca player, Ivan De La Pena.

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