Fun Facts about Baboons

Baboons are a fascinating animal that can be dangerous and kind. This split character is an interesting evolution effect. There is much more to them then their erratic behavior, they have amazing tools of survival and intelligence. Here are a few facts about them.

  • Baboons are one of the largest primates of the entire African continent after the mandrills. Gorillas are not in the same categories of primates so this takes them out of the list. One of the baboons physical traits are their butts going outwards. Another is their face which has the shape of a dog and the teeth in it are razor sharp. They can weigh up to 100pounds depending on the sex and age.
  •  They have very few natural predators; the leopard and cheetah are the most common. Leopards especially with their climbing ability. Another predator is humans, which will make most of them run and hid but others more aggressive.
  • As said earlier, the baboons have a protruding butt, this specially is the case for females who signal a male for mating, and their rump will be huge and red.
  • Mating is very simple for baboons, it all depends on the hierarchy of the male, the higher you have the wider selection you get. Ranking is mostly based on a male baboon’s hunting performance and protection of the family (group of baboons) from predators. Some families will be more anarchic and allow younger unproven males to mate a healthy female. The male will often groom the female in these families, by taking care of them and their young’s.
  • Baboons will carry their young on their backs, especially to avoid poisonous snakes.
  • Baboons can eat pretty much anything but tend to eat very specific things during specific moments of the year. During scorching hot days will eat something large to avoid hunting or anything requiring too much energy.
  • Like most primates, Baboons have a larger intelligence potential than any other mammals, they have the ability to read very basic signs and marks.


Those were a few fun facts about the African baboons.