Fun Facts about Archery

Fun Facts about Archery

One of the most interesting weaponry in human history is the bow and arrow. A weapon that is not only effectively removing the solider from harm but also light on resources unlike swords which use important resources like steel and iron. Here are some interesting facts about this weapon.

  • After fists, rocks and spears, the bow & arrow is the oldest weapon made by humans, this was somewhere in the Mesozoic era which is now 10 000 years ago. This also highlights how effective archery was; it was one of the main weapons used until the rise of firearms.
  • The oldest bow & arrow to be found were somewhere in modern Germany and further north into Sweden.
  • The physics behind the bow & arrow are very simple but amazingly smart and effective. The theory is very similar to someone throwing a rock. The impact of the rock is determined by the energy exerted by the muscles and the throw movement. One of the key part here is the arm and how back it can go during the throw movement. This all applies to the bow but the elastic plays the part of the muscle. Pulling back determines the potential energy thrown into the shot but also how quickly the bowstring will shoot the arrow once you let go, no human arm could match that speed thus why the impact is much larger than manual throw.
  • The use of bow & arrow was considered barbaric by some factions, mainly because the nomad factions had much better ability with it. Nomads for one had better practice because their hunting lifestyle, hunting for animal with a sword was much harder than killing it from a distance with a bow.
  • Although bows are less devastating than firearm, they generally require a lot more skill to use. There are up to 6 different ways of aiming and a few others depending on the material of the bow & arrow. There are hundreds of variation of these weapons depending of the time and place. A bow for hunting was different, an arrow for armoured soldier was different, and one for long range shooting is different. All these had different ways they would work but they kept the same science of the kinetic energy stored in the bowstring and then releasing it in a quick burst.
  • There is not only technique for aiming but for body positioning when shooting, they are many different schools of thought but for shooting at something at medium range on the same elevation as yourself, it is considered good practice to keep both hands level with the eye.

There are many more facts about archery and we will get to more of them again.



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