Fun Facts About Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome was one of the most successful civilization on earth to ever exist. They conquered many lands, created so many things we use till this day. Changed alot of things in a lot of ways. Here are some facts about them.

-The ancient city of Rome is the same as the present one in Italy.

-Slaves in ancient Rome made up to 40% of the population.

-The forum in ancient Rome was a place where people would converse about politics and religion, it was also a focal gathering, meeting point.

-Asparagus was a favorite of the roman people, they kept it frozen in the Alps to keep it fresh.

-Ancient Rome’s Colosseum was the biggest arena of all time, it could seat more than 200,000 people.

-Gladiators in ancient Rome would fight till death and if the Emperor wasn’t impressed with the winner he would point his thumb down, which would prompt the release of hungry lions on him.

-The Greeks got their best general Pyrrhus to fight the romans, he was a master tactician, he defeated the Roman twice but his army ran out and Rome conquered all the lands.

-In Ancient Rome, Boys went to school and girls stayed at home and learned by their mother.

-The city of Rome started of as small town around 700bc.

-Spartacus was slave escapee who led an army of 90,000 men against Rome but was defeated and killed.

-Romans would make their defeated foes civilians but most didn’t like the Romans, because of their superior attitude.

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