Fun Facts About Ancient Fashion

This isn’t about fashion of the current day but of a time long ago. Fashion has a tendency of changing very quickly, comparing fashion from 5 years ago is even absurd now imagine comparing fashion from centuries ago. It’s not something people think of when they are studying history but fashion has always been there and has had some quite interesting trends. Here are a few fun facts about ancient fashion.

One of the first pieces of clothing humans wore was footwear. Footwear was common among humans even long before they ever wore anything on their upper body. Footwear in the middle ages back a staple but not always for the right reasons. Footwear was used to protect the feet but also to show social status. As there were many different kinds of footwear, the most common was something less like footwear but more like current day socks. Also in medieval times and before that, shoes didn’t have right or left designs,  a pair of shoes consisted of two same shoes. Shoemaking has been apart of human life for a very long time, the first records suggest 10 000 BC.

On to a different kind of fashion, facial hair was more common in the olden days. A beard held much significance in many cultures, in some it meant wisdom and in some it meant honour. In medieval times, grabbing a man’s beard could result in a duel as this was a major form of disrespect. Other places dealt with facial hair in different ways. In Russia, any man who would have a beard was obligated to pay special tax’s to Peter The Great. They would then carry a token that said ” this beard has been taxed”. This happened in the 1700s but the first to introduce this ridiculous law was the infamous Henry VIII in the 1500s.

Anyone who’s gone shopping for shampoo and body wash will tell you there are an incredible amount of olive oil products. This trend started in Ancient Greece, where olives are abundant. Olive oil was used in nearly all baths in Greece due to the amazing qualities for skin care. Olive oil still remains one of the best sources for good skin care and refreshing baths.