Fun Facts About Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was once considered the crown of ancient civilisation even among the Roman and Hellenic empires. A paradise in the middle of the desert, it was said to be. It wasn’t only known for it’s beauty but it’s unique and exotic culture. It was one of the first civilization that was built by slaves, entire cities, entire monuments built by slaves. It had many interesting things about it, some thought to be just lore and not based on actual evidence. Here are a few interesting facts about Ancient Egypt.

The slave culture that is so present in Ancient Egypt was thought to be brought by the Greeks who crossed the Mediterranean. Unlike Ancient Greece, slaves weren’t only for personal use as house servants which was a common thing. They were used for much larger tasks, an organization would buy a huge quantity of slaves for accomplishing hard tasks. Such as building in the scorching heat of the Northern African summer.This was thought to be a much better use of slaves than just keeping them imprisoned or making them house servants. Although recently there has been a counter theory to this. That ancient Egypt wasn’t so heavily into slavery as some say it was. That the Egypt was built by free men. One good argument for this theory is that Ancient Egypt wasn’t necessarily known as a warmongering civilization. Which puts it into question how would all those people be slaves, as slaves are most often acquired through war. There is a counter argument for this even. Egypt is located in perhaps the most fruitful location of the continent and also near the divide between Europe, Asia and Africa. Which made it really resourceful and rich compared to the other smaller nations around it. Thus providing a gateway for slavery. Where there is rich and poor there is slavery of some sort.

If you have ever seen a hieroglyphic, you probably recognized a few of the symbols. There is the bird, there is snake, there is the dog. Yes Ancient Egypt had a fascination with domestic animals. They tired to domesticate all sorts of animals, tigers, vultures and even insects. Well not all of them worked out but at least we learned from their mistakes. Ancient Egypt were among the first to domesticate wild cats. The cat was a proud animal in their culture. some royal members would have their cats mummified and given a tomb. Some would have their tombs in the same place as their cats. Another ritual with cats was, when your cat died you would have to shave your eyebrows.

Ancient Egypt had a thing with removing hair. Most men would be shaved very young, it would make sense to have less hair in the scorching heat. But this held true for women too. In the fashion of the time, the most beautiful thing for a women’s head was it to be completely shaved. These wouldn’t be lazy shaves but complete total shaves to the scalp.