Four useful tips to control blood sugar and lose weight

It is but true that many of us want to maintain a fit body physique and enjoy the desirable blood sugar level so that diseases such as diabetes does not affect our physical and mental make-up. To a great extent, the food we intake to maintain ourself is what determines the quality of our health. Our normal consumption of foods on a daily basis includes carbohydrates, proteins, fat, minerals, fiber and such other things.

The quality and quantity of fiber content in daily intake of foods is one of the things responsible for putting on weight, higher glucose and cholesterol levels in a person’s body.

What is fiber and what is its role in moderating our body weight, as well as glucose and cholesterol levels?

Fiber is the stuff in the plants that our body cannot digest easily. Depending upon the nature of the fiber, there are two types – soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. The fiber, which does not digest quickly, will settle as bulky substance and absorbs water, thus filling up the stomach fast. Not only will your stomach is filled up, the digestion process is also slower than normal, creating a feeling of fullness in the stomach and postponing refill and in the process having control over the weight of the body. Insoluble fiber that cannot digest accumulates or binds all other waste and gets excreted at periodical intervals, thus ensuring that bowels regular.

Thus increasing the content of fiber in our food and moderating the intake of other ingredients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fat can help a person have better control over weight, cholesterol and sugar levels.

How to increase the fiber intake?

Do not skimp on breakfast: As part of the daily breakfast, one should consider eating whole grains and fruit. It is customary nowadays to list the contents of the different cereals available in the market. Select those breakfast cereals having higher fiber content in your daily meal for breakfast. One thumb rule is to look for fiber content of 6 grams or more in the breakfast cereals and consume more of them.

Do not peel off the edible skins: The skin of a potato, the seeds in berries and kiwifruits have high fiber content. While preparing the breakfast or meal, do not peel off the skin in fruits and vegetables as these skins have valuable fiber content. All you can do is scrub the fruit or vegetable and eat the skin. Avoid peeling off the skin from the vegetables as nearly one-third or more of the fiber content in that fruit or vegetable is in the skin.

Add more beans and lentils: Including beans to a salad is one of the best means to increase the fiber content as beans is a rich source of fiber. Baked beans is an ideal source for soluble fiber and consuming baked beans is good for controlling weight and also cholesterol and sugar levels in the body.

Drink more fluids: While taking more fiber content in your daily meal, ensure that adequate quantity of fluids is taken. More consumption of water will help in reducing your weight and keep the stomach full. The fibers absorb more water and as such drinking water or fluids will help in having a better control over the body.

Moderate alcohol consumption: If you have the habit of consuming alcohol, try to avoid taking alcohol daily and fix for yourself two or three days as alcohol-free days. If you want to have control over your blood glucose levels and take the readings on a daily basis, ensure that you do not consume alcohol when the blood glucose level is relatively low. Put for yourself a limit on the amount of alcohol you consume and try to consume less than that daily limit or level, especially when you are on a mission to lose weight.

By increasing the fiber content in our food, one can have effective control over the weight, glucose and cholesterol levels and lead a better quality life, free from the worries of diabetes.