Four simple measures to overcome anxiety

Do you feel worried, but not sure what is the cause for the worry? Then, it is possible that you are anxious or caught in an anxiety attack. Anxiety or being anxious is nothing but a reaction either to a threat or to danger that is vague and even unknown. Other possible ways in which anxiety reveals itself include sweating, rapid heart beat, unwanted thoughts or behavior, poor concentration, shivering, irritability and shallow breathing.

Anxiety is different from worry in that there might be some definite reasons behind a worry causing out of fear, while in case of anxiety, there is no specific reason for fear in the first place.

What causes anxiety?

Contrary to general worry, anxiety attacks come on suddenly and with overwhelming force. Anxiety attacks are most likely to occur after a period of unusual stress. One needs to bear in mind that this emotional of anxiety will be frightening but mostly harmless. An anxiety attack is only a panic attack and is definitely not a fatal one or one having serious consequences.

The best way to overcome anxiety is to stay as calm as you can, try to regulate the breath and allow the attack to just follow its course.

In cases of anxiety attack, while it is advisable to consult a physician if the anxiety is for a prolonged duration, resorting to doctor’s assistance could be the last resort and simple remedial measures could suffice. The following six simple steps can be explored for overcoming anxiety.

Breathe slowly and deeply

An attack of anxiety can be quickly brought under control if one regulates his or her breath. In order to regulate the breathing, or simply slow down and deepen the breathing, one needs to sit down, put his or her hand over the abdomen and inhale slowly such that the belly expands beneath the hand placed on the abdomen but the shoulders do not rise. The inhaled breath should be held for about four to five seconds, and then very slowly exhaled out. This will yield instant results. One is advised to follow this simple method until the anxious mind calms down.

Sip a glass of warm milk

Drinking a cup of warm milk is found to be very useful in relieving anxiety to a great extent. If one can add a little amount of honey or malt to the milk, it would be much better. A type of amino acid called tryptophan, which is used in the production of the brain chemical serotonin that enhances feelings of well being, is found in adequate quantity in milk, and hence drinking a cup of warm milk will help in increased production of serotonin chemical.

Soak away your cares

During period of anxiety, one of the most pleasant ways to calm down your senses is to have a bath in lukewarm water. A little bit of lavender oil added to the bathtub containing lukewarm water enhances the effectiveness of the bath. Both the body and the senses get relaxed and the sense of anxiety appears to vanish in thin air.

Exercise and meditation

When faced with an anxiety attack, it is advisable that one takes a break from the normal routine and goes on a brisk walk for 30 minutes or indulges in some aerobic exercises. Exerting oneself either by a brisk walk or doing aerobic exercises will spur the release of endorphins, a type of chemical that facilitates in the improvement of mood and also block pain. Indulging in some sort of meditative activity for a period of 15 minutes is also very effective in relieving anxiety and restoring normalcy.

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