Five useful tips to eliminate bad breath instantly

One of the irritants that dent your self-confidence, especially when you are in a meeting or asked to address a gathering, is the bad breath from your mouth. People tend to back away from you when you talk to them because of the bad breath emanating from you It might be true that you had brushed your teeth well in the morning. However, bad breath can be caused if you, knowingly or unknowingly, take a dish, which contains garlic, onion, blue cheese or pepperoni. Other reasons for bad breath include among others, smoking habits, gum diseases, and not brushing the teeth and floss frequently,

You need not rush to a doctor to rectify bad breath. Of course, if the bad breath lingers on for a prolonged period in excess of 24 hours, or in case your breath smells sweet or fruity, it would be advisable to consult the physician and get appropriate medication.

If caught in bad breath, any or all of the following five tips can be followed to get instant relief.

  • 1. One of the primary reasons for bad breath is a dry mouth. A cup of water swished around your mouth will provide you an instant relief and your breath, after intake of water, will be a bit more acceptable. Water will temporarily dislodge the bacteria in the mouth and reduces bad breath considerably.
  • 2.Whatever may be the food you intake, it is always advisable to much the piece of parsley that is left over in the plate. Chlorophyll, a well-known breath deodorizer with germ fighting properties, is found in abundance in parsley and a little intake of parsley, especially at the end of the meals, will negate the ill aspects in your lunch and helps in keeping your breath fresh and good.
  • 3.Eating an orange is a good way to eliminate bad breath instantly. The citric acid present in oranges will help in stimulating the salivary glands and encourage the flow of breath-freshening saliva.
  • 4.If one could not get hold of orange to peel and eat, it is advisable that you eat whatever is available and affordable. However, caution should be exercised not to intake foods that contain garlic, blue cheese or onions. Eating encourages the flow of saliva that can help overcome the bad breath.
  • 5.Yet another suggestion that would help fight bad breath is to clean the tongue at frequent intervals. As an instant measure, one can vigorously scrape his or her tongue over the teeth. Scraping the tongue allows one to dislodge bacteria and rinsing the mouth after scraping will reduce or eliminate bad breath.

By following these simple steps, one can eliminate bad breath in his or her month for a temporary period.