Five smallest counteries

After my ever so popular post on 5 busiest cities, which got over 300 visitors right after I published it, I decided to write another quickie for my readers and this time 5 smallest counteries population wise.

1. Vatican City

2. Tuvalu

3. Nauru

4. San Marino

5. Liechtenstein and Monaco

3 thoughts on “Five smallest counteries”

  1. I never though vatican city was a country but it is actually true.

    Italy has no control over it and it has its own money and transport.

  2. Howie are you stupid of course Vatican is a country .

    We all know that atleast i though we all knew that … what are they teaching to kids these days.

    And how come liecht..and monaco are listed together?

  3. Well? Can we know the square miles of those countries?

    I wanna see someone from vatican city in the olympics

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