FedEx Fun Facts

FedEx came from a term paper written by Frederick W. Smith in 1965. It was about economically inadequate passenger route systems used by airfreight shippers. He wrote about shippers needing a system designed for time sensitive airfreight which would later be called FedEx. FedEx began in the 70’s with 186 packages. It began with 14 small aircrafts delivering 186 packages. FedEx is short for Federal Express. The shortened name came in 1994 after years of customers using an abbreviated word. FedEx actually contains many different companies! The FedEx headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee.

Federal Express handles more than 3.2 million packages daily and is the largest operating company in the FedEx family. FedEx ground ships more than 2.6 million packages a day. Together the companies ship over 5 million packages to customers around the world. The company has grown substantially since the first 186 packages! FedEx was the first company with overnight package delivery. They were the first to have the hub and spoke system in which all shipments are flown to a central hub, sorted, loaded and dispatched. It was the first company to have its own carrier, planes, crews and ground fleets. They were the first to have air express carriers that offer delivery after 10.30 am, next day delivery in the fall of 1982.

FedEx was the first company to launch a television ad in 1974. It was the first to equip delivery vans with technology to track packages. They had the first over the phone and real time package tracking in 1981. They were the first to offer time definite service for freight. They were the first with Saturday delivery. This company flew its own planes to Japan. Overnight letters started with them and they were the first company to reach $1 billion in revenue in 10 years of starting up. FedEx offered customers the convenience of calling for a pick up or dropping off a package. It was the first air carrying company to put computers in its vans when it debuted the DADS-Digitally Assisted Dispatch System- in 1980.

They were the first to have money back guarantees and proof of delivery. The company developed a Clearance Facility to sort international packages and clear imports through customs. They brief their employees through a closed circuit satellite and now have 141,000 worldwide! Did you realize that FedEx carries just about everything including sharks, Ferraris, Windmills and other interesting items.