Famous Modern Art artists

Name of 5 or 6 famous Modern Art artists?

I will try to be as accurate and as objective as possible, I will not name Artists that I loved but rather ones I think everyone knows about and ones that are known as father of modern art.

1. Pablo Picasso – I am not sure who could match likes of Pablo may be someone like Michelangelo back in old days. Pablo Picasso brought a new meaning to Art with his innovative works.

2. Wassily Kandisky – You see those Abstract Arts around now a days? Well Wassily was the creator of first Abstract Picture.

3. Henri Matisse – If you like colorful art, then Matisse is known as the king of color.

4. Andy Warhol– One of my favorite artists, if you look at old Art Works you will mainly find silent works but Andy’s work were more vivid and something that is being followed by new artists now a days.

5. Jackson Pollock – You will have to check out about Jackson Pollock over Wikipedia, great artist.

6. Piet Mondrian – Just like Wassily Kandisky, Piet was also known as the king of Abstract Art, I recommend checking his works.

This is the list of some of the well known Modern Artists.

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