Familiar Proverbs

These are some proverbs I never understood. But hopefully I can help you understand what they mean.

Stump Someone

Meaning: Ask someone a question they can’t answer.

Origin: Pioneers who use to work at the lumbar regions started it.

Paint The Town Red

Meaning: Having a wild night out, or something involving drinking.

Origins: Because when people went to have fun they often roamed the redlight district, where all the brothels and strip clubs were.

Stave Off

Meaning: Keep something away

Origins: In the 17 century, people in some part of the world had a sport where dogs fought bulls. If the dogs could take the bull down then the bull’s owner would drive the dogs away from the bull with a stave. That’s how the term stave off came to be.

Wing It

Meaning: Do it with no preparation

Origins: It comes from the old British theater theme.