Facts & Stats: The Television

Some facts and stats about the tvs amazing records and such.

-98% of houses in the US have a TV.

-84% of houses in the US have VCR.

-Each day the tv is on for at least 7hours in each US home(with a tv, of course).

-6million, media contents are rented each day.

-66% of Americans who watch TV, dine at the same time.

-49% of Americans think they watch to much tv.

– 38.5% of kids between 2-17 have a tv in their bedroom.

-77% of parents would want their kids to watch less tv.

-Hours per year spend on watching TV 1,500

-Hours per year spend in School 900.

-1/12 kids have to do their chores or homeworks before watching tv.

-Number of violent acts a kid see’s on tv 200,000.