Facts about Water

Life is basically centered around it and without it nothing would be what it is. Here are some facts about water..

-70% of the average person body holds water.

-At birth the body is full of water around 80% is only water.

-The most water a normal person can drink in one day is about 3 Gallons(48 cups).

-Too much water can cause water intoxication, an imbalance amount of water in the brain.

-Water Intoxication is very rare unless you perform a very demanding sport.

– 8 cups of water are suggested per day but most of it is made by the water in other foods.

-Where ever water goes it can dissolve substances.

– Around 70-75 % of the earth’s surface is water.

-There is more fresh water underground then on the surface of the earth.

-There is around 326 million cubics of miles of water in earth.

-The earth is a closed system so the same water drop that was here a millions of years ago, is still here..

-The average person in the USA takes at least 80 gallons of water per day. Most of it is used in flushing toilets.

-Most people used a bit of weight after an intense workout  because they lose water from their body, not fat.