Facts about The Sun

The biggest celestial object in our solar system, The Sun, it has been here for ages..Here are a few special facts about it.

-The Sun is the solar system, it accounts for 99,8% of it’s mass and Jupiter is the reason for the other 0,2%. We barely exist..along with the other planets.

-The Sun is mainly composed by Hydrogen,Helium and the rest is all the other substance we find in our system(oxygen,nickel etc..). So basically most of the system solar is composed of Hydrogen.

-If would take 50 of the most bright stars in our galaxy, at least 17 light years away from us. The Sun would be the 4th brightest, that would be impressive since we know other really bright stars nearby.

-The Sun is really big, I won’t put numbers but to give an idea, you can fit 1 million earths inside the Sun. But the Sun is not the biggest star in our galaxy. The VY Canis Major, if we place it in the center of our system it would cover the entire system till Saturn.

-People think the Sun is really old, well it is..But in the scale of a star’s age it’s middle aged. Sometime in a 5billions of years the Sun will become so huge that will consume everything around it (probably the earth too). And then chemical reaction will make it really small.

– One Kelvin is 273.14 Celsius and the center of the Sun’s temperature is 13.6 million Kelvin.

-The Sun is heating up and eventually it will be so hot (in 1billions of years) that the liquid form of water won’t exist on earth, neither will we and any other species.  At that time only bacteria underground will be able to live, because it will be to hot for other forms of life (at the surface). And then a few billions of years after that the Sun will probably destroy every planet in our System.

The Sun would have given life to everything then taken it all.

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