Facts about The Moon Landing

Our only natural satellite, the moon. Humans have only been there once and here are a few lesser known facts about the human activity on the moon and other stuff.

-Dr. Eugene Shoemaker was the scientist who trained the astronauts who landed on the moon, initially he was a part of the crew but later was rejected because of his health. He had a dream to go on the moon once but unfortunately he died before that could happen. So when the Lunar Prospector landed the moon it brought the ashes of Dr.Eugene with it.

-The first on moon by Neil Armstrong is still there on the moon.

-When Alan Shepherd was on the moon he hit a golf ball and it went nearly half a mile away.

-In a survey conducted in 1988, 13% of the people asked what the moon was composed of said ” it was made out of cheese”.

-The suit worn by the astronauts that went on the moon weighted around 180pounds on earth. But on the moon it only weighted 30 pounds because of the lower gravity.

-When the Apollo 11 landed on the moon it only had 20 seconds of fuel left.

-The astronauts from the Apollo missions brought thousands of rocks from the moon.

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