Facts about The Guitar

By favorite instrument to play,to be fair I only play two instruments. The Modern Guitar has brought some of the best songs, movie themes in this last few decades. Here some intriguing facts about it.

-The ancestor of the modern guitar can be traced back to ancient Central Asia and India.

-The first sign guitar in ancient writings is the one, the romans brought to hispania.

-In Ancient Times, the stringed instrument was called many things such as the following, cithara, qitare, gitarre, guitare, guittarra.

-Guitars are constructed and repaired by Luthiers.

-There are left handed guitars and right handed ones, there is a change to the string order.

-Many of the worlds most popular modern guitarists were left handed, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney.

-Acoustic Guitars are made out of nylon strings.

-Electric Guitars emit string vibrations that are then turned into electrical signals making the sound.

-Baroque Guitars are used as rhythm instruments.

7 thoughts on “Facts about The Guitar”

  1. -Acoustic Guitars are made out of nylon strings.

    Now that sentence doesn’t make any sense. First of all, guitar has quite a few different parts, some of them are made of wood, some of them of metal. Now, i understand that this sentence suggests that acoustic guitars use nylon string, which can be true, but not always. There are also metallic strings available for the acoustic guitars. It’s pretty much the choice of the guitar owner, which kind of strings he/she uses.

  2. this was way more helpful than any of the other crap, and thats good cause my assingments due tomorow

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