Facts about The Great Wall Of China

One of the 7 wonders of the world, a great structure of military purpose, this the facts about the great wall.

-The name in Chinese means long wall.

-It was built in the 7th century before JC, for the first time but it was later expanded by other dynasties.

-The wall built to stop invading Mongols.

-The wall is as long as 6,400km.

-When first wall was built, China was divided into small little kingdoms.

-Each different season gives the wall unique different look.

-If you travel through the entire wall you will see different landscapes each time , from mountains to deserts, everything.

-Three kind of people helped the construction of this, common people, soldiers and criminals.

-The height ranges for each area, some sections are as high 20 feet, some as low as 16feet.

-Some people believe that some parts of the wall were made with human bones to make it stronger but it is not true.