Facts about The Bible

Facts about one of the holy book’s, the bible. Not about the accuracy of the facts in the bible but some good facts about the book itself.

-The bible was written for 1500 years.

-It has been here for over 40 generations

-It has over 40 authors, whether it was just an edit or a full cover.

-Nearly all the people who wrote the bible had a different job, some were peasants, some were fishers, some were kings.

-The bible was written by people in all sorts of places, caves, dungeons, prisons etc.

-At different times, peace and war, there was always someone writing the bible.

-The bible was written on 3 continents, Asia, Europe and Africa.

-The bible contains 1189 chapters.

-The old testament has 929 chapters and the new one has 260.

-The shortest chapter is Psalm 117, the longest is Psalm119.

-The word bible comes from the word biblia¬† meaning “books”.

-The bible has 66 books.

-The bible has been written in three languages, originally.

-The old testament was the same as the holy book of the Jews.

-The old testament was written in Hebrew.

-The new testament was written in Greek.

-The book of Esther is the only bible book that doesn’t mention the word “god”.

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