Facts about Sugar

Kids love it, so do I. Sugar Sugar Sugar, things without sugar are so dull to me.

Here are some Sugary facts for you.

-Sugar gives you short term energy.

-The Energy you get from sugar, you lose it very quickly. So Basically it is like a short burst of energy.

-Sugar is empty , it only contains energy, no vitamins, no minerals, none of that stuff.

-Our body loves sugar because it knows that sugar carries energy. Before it was vegetables and fruits but now our body gets sugar from all sorts of things.

-Bacteria and Fungi hate to live in areas where there is sugar, vinegar and Salt. So everything that has sugar on it doesn’t have bacteria roaming around it.

-The bacterias in our mouths like to feed on what we feed, specially sugar. As they grow stronger, the white coat on our teethes become yellow.  Cut on the sugar bit you sugar lovers!

-We often see a bar of kit kat extra big. And think, oh it’s pretty cheap but actually sugar doesn’t cost a thing for those companies and they probably make money out of you.

-Humans have always loved sugar, in the older days, our ancestors would eat berries for their natural sugar.

-Cereals usually have sugar in them because they tend to wake you up in the morning.

-In some countries like  Brazil, India, sugar is used to fuel cars.