Facts about Spiders

Don’t be afraid of them, ok you can be afraid but at least learn a bit about them before.

-Spiders have eyes but their vision isn’t like a cats they rely on vibrations in the air to locate targets, moving things. They feel the vibrations on their webs. Also the spiders thick hair are receptors and can sense vibrations, airflow etc..

-The word Spider comes from the old Saxon word, Spinnan which means to spin, the relation is that most spiders spin when creating their webs.

-Spiders digest their food before eating it ? They throw an enzyme on the body of the prey therefor it becomes liquid and the spider eats/drinks it.

-The tarantula is one of the most feared spiders for no apparent reason, it has no poison, it’s bite is as dangerous as that of a bumble bee.

-The spider eats it’s old web to produce new silk, that silk is made out of protein. Spiders make that silk in their abdomen. As the silks are longer, they become harder.

-Some spiders make special web protection for their eggs, some just carry their small ones in their abdomen like the Black Widow.

-The golden spider’s web is hard as steel. And it has been used for medical purposes on other substances.

-Spiders who were given flies injected with caffeine, were nervously spinning, those who ate lsd flies, made weird patterns with their webs.