Facts about Poop

Always wonder why poop smells so bad? and of what it is composed? Here are answers to some of those questions.

– 3/4 of your poop is composed of water, if you have diarrhea it will contain more water. The rest is dead bacteria and indigestible stuff, like cellulose, some of them are important for the digestive system for a variety of reasons.

– Why does poop smell so unpleasant? The inorganic gas hydrogen sulfide gives it this odor. This is the same gas that comes out when you fart.

-The color comes from a pigment called bilirubin, that is created by red blood cells in the liver. Iron does influence a lot it’s color too.

-When a turd is yellow ( happens a lot male teens), it means the liver is breaking down to many red cells.

-People who consume lots of veggies can have a green  turd.

-Bird’s poop are white and pasty, because they can’t urinate. So they mix everything together and throw it out their cloaca. Oh ya they also use their cloaca to have sex(by sticking it together) and also to lay eggs (females only).

-Dog’s and many other animals (rabbits,flies,rodents) eat their poop. Because the first time they digest they can’t take all the vitamins so they pass it again. Dog’s are specially fond of cat poop, because it is high in protein.

– Everyone in some way has eaten poop, by being to careless, not washing their hands after using the toilet, butt scratching etc..

-Some autistic kids practice coprophagy, they eat poop on purpose of medical reasons. And their is also a sexual fetish of eating poop(seen in wikipedia),

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