Facts about Oniomania

Here are some facts about Oniomania, many shoppers can’t stop buying at the sight of a brand new product. They buy one and then an other until they run out of choices. If that sounds like you, you might have oniomania.

-Oniomania is the medical term, for people who have a nonstop desire to shop, buy.

-The word is derived from Greek words, Onio = for scale and Mania = insanity.

-Oniomania is a mental disorder, but it wasn’t always accepted as disorder but has recently been, specially in the States and Germany.

-Unlike many other disorders that of Oniomania has been researched that much.

-As much as 8.9% of the US’s population is probably compulsive buyers.

-At first this problem was only seen in some countries but now it is becoming a worldwide problem.

-People who have this problem probably have anger and impatience in them.

-Consequence are grave, such as large debt, theft and many more.

-There are groups who help these people lose their habits, specially in North America.