Facts about Nuts

I always see small animals eating them, and wanted to know more about them. Here are a few nutty facts about nuts.

-Eating 20-50 grams of nuts a day will reduce the risk diabetes and heart diseases.

-What is a nut exactly? Well something that has nutritive kernel inside it and is a dry fruit..

-Nuts possess a high amount of fat and protein that is why when mammals hibernate they bring plenty of nuts.

-The fats in nut are good because they lower bad cholesterol.

-Nuts have traces in lots of other aliments so if you are allergic you should always be cautious.

-There are special nuts without any natural salt in them in shells.

-Peanuts, Chestnuts are from the same family as regular nuts.

-Coconuts though are not from the same family because of their nutritive proportions.

-Nuts can be in the same list of protein foods as eggs, because it contains lots protein.