Facts About No Carb Diet

Losing weight can be a difficult task for everybody, no matter what your body type or size. However, doctors are beginning to find the people who follow a no carb dieting program are having more success than others. This kind of diet involves eating foods with a low glycemic index, or GI. These types of foods break down glucose and other sugars slowly over time, preventing your body from putting too much weight on in one go. Here are some tips to follow a no carb diet.

Count Your Carbs

The term ‘no carb diet’ is actually a misnomer as even the most carb-obsessed dieters will take on some small amount of carbohydrates each day. You should aim to eat less than 30 grams a day to help your body change to burning fat rather than carbs. Counting the carbs contained in everything you eat is essential, while you should avoid certain kinds of foods altogether. Similarly, limit yourself to eating vegetables, meats and nuts to ensure you are getting the right kinds of proteins and fats.

Eat Small Meals

It is also a good idea to eat smaller meals at more regular intervals throughout the day, rather than three large meals. Eating around six small meals a day will help increase your metabolism and burn extra fat. This will also ensure that you are less hungry throughout the day and will not be tempted to snack on unhealthy foods like crisps or biscuits.

Get Plenty of Vegetables

Filling up on vegetables will serve two purposes in your new dieting regime. Firstly, the vegetables will fill you up, leaving you feeling less hungry but with only a marginal amount of calories added to your diet. Additionally, eating plenty of green vegetables will give you extra fiber. This will help give you regular bowel movements and avoid the constipation that is so common among low-carb dieters. Typically beneficial green vegetables for your diet include broccoli, cucumber, lettuce and spinach.

Eat The Correct Ratio of Fat and Protein

It is important to eat one part fat to two parts protein while you are on a no carb diet. This will ensure that your body effectively breaks down the fat in your body rather than carbs, helping you lose weight. If you fail to do this, your body will resort to burning proteins and body mass, which is not a desirable result.

Avoid ‘Frankenfoods’

It is often tempting to eat ‘Frankenfoods’ when dieting – that is, foods such as ice-cream, bread and biscuits that purport to be low in carbohydrates. Although they are technically low in certain types of carbs, they are astronomically high in sugar alcohols which will unfortunately make you put on weight. The best technique is to just stick to your no carb foods and avoid the temptation to cheat!