Facts about Neptune

Here are some facts about Neptune…Many consider the earth the blue planet but in fact Neptune is way more bluer*.

-Like many celestial objects, all of Neptune’s moon’s are named after Greek gods.

-The Great Dark Spot once noticed on Neptune has not appeared since the last sighting. Scientists believe it was just a huge storm.

-Neptune’s rings are named after three people. Adam,Leverrier and Galle two of them who predicted it’s existence and one who discovered it.

-Neptune has an atmosphere of Hydrogen,Helium, Methane and Ammonia(used in houseware cleaning products).

-Neptune has 8 moons, Triton being the biggest and most important.

-Triton is nearly the same size as our moon, but it rotates in the opposite direction.

-Neptune’s a giant gas planet like Jupiter, Saturn..

-One day in Neptune is 16 hours in Earth.

-Neptune is 4 times bigger then earth.

-In Roman, Neptune is the god of the sea.

-Neptune is around 2 Billion milles away from the sun.

-The Great Dark Spot, that is a huge storm in Neptune that could cover our entire planet  at once and even more.

-Neptune cannot be viewed with our eyes unlike some of the closer planets.

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  1. actually only 11 moons have been found and Neptune is 2.8 billion miles away from the sun. Neptune also has water in its atmosphere. Another interesting fact is that it take 164 Earth year to rotate around the sun.

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