Facts about Nail Technician

Are you aspiring to become a nail technician? Here are some relevant facts about nail technician to help you in your choice of career.

You must enjoy being with people and working with them, as you will be dealing with a large number of people every day, even after you have built up a loyal clients’ base. The qualities you will need are good people skills, steady hands and attention to details.

You will even have to be like a therapist and listen to your clients’ worries and concerns while they undergo manicure or pedicure treatment, and help them to de-stress and become relaxed.

The other facts about nail technician work you need to know are that you have to be knowledgeable about nail health and sanitary procedures; you need to be educated about medications which can affect lacquer or acrylic product applications; you will have to advise your clients on skin issues such as dryness, calluses and on nail health. You will also have to work a scheduled number of hours every week.

In order to become a nail technician, you will need certification as well as training, and enroll in programs accredited by the relevant government commission of Cosmetology Sciences and Arts. The classes will typically include courses on nail theory such as

– bacteriology
– sterilization and sanitation
– nail and skin disorders and diseases
– treatment of hands, feet
– anatomy of nails, skin, cells, muscles, skeletal, circulatory, nerves
– salon/spa business
– reflexology
– customer service and professionalism

The study course on facts about nail technician will normally consist of approximately six hundred hours of instructions and after you have completed it, you will have to prepare for the certification and licensing.

You will have to take written as well as practical exams conducted by the Cosmetology Council of State Boards, to obtain your nail technician’s license.

After getting your license, you will start looking for employment to gain training and practical experience. Work opportunities for licensed and certified nail technicians exist in health spas, nail salons, hotels with manicure/pedicure services, hair salons and freelance technician’s work, servicing your own exclusive clients.

Your nail technician’s job will consist of performing manicures and pedicures, which include nail maintenance, shaping, applying creative and new art pieces on the nails.

The other important facts about nail technicians are the wages or salaries you can expect to earn in this profession. Starting salaries are likely to be around $15,000; with experience, it can rise to $40,000. The highest career levels in this industry are for nail technicians who start their own nail salons or go into the ‘nail art’ business. Like the tattoo artists, nail technicians who possess special skills in nail artwork are able to earn higher salaries.

If you wish to launch your own business, you will first have to become an apprentice, to build up your skills and a clientele. You will then need a business plan and the necessary financing to start your business. Additional courses in accounting and business management can further add to your prospects.